Be it customer specific development and production of challenging specialities, or efficient manufacturing of volume products – RP Compounds is your partner for compounding issues.

Our portfolio contains

  • PE- and PP-Compounds with filler contents up to 70% (e.g. Glass fibre, Talc, glass beads, BaSO4)
  • Semiconductive Compounds (PP, PE, PS)
  • Masterbatches for various applications (Colouring, flame retardant, …)
  • High Purity and Food Grades
  • Compounding of Special Materials
  • and many more

Discuss with us how we can realise your project. Together with our partners, we are happy to provide solutions for all compounding matters.

RP Compounds GmbH is IATF16949 / ISO9001 / ISO50001 certified

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